Image analysis in optical coherence tomography. Re...Lees verder


Lecturer: Shammi Rahangadale and Sonia Conesa Boj...Lees verder


Lecturer: Marco Mout (Optics) and Elizabeth Carro...Lees verder


The Nano-Aperture Ion SourceLees verder


Lecturer: Gerward Weppelman (Charged Particle Opt...Lees verder


Charged Particle Optics

Our research group (Deeltjesoptica in Dutch) is operating in the field of charged particle optics, which means that we manipulate beams of electrons, positrons and ions.

Our ambition is to develop improved tools to look at the microscopic world and to invent new methods to create microscopic structures, even down to nanometer size. For that purpose we advance the fundamental understanding of relevant physical phenomena such as electron emission and we design innovative, sometimes revolutionary electron- and ion beam instruments, for the future semiconductor production, as well as for the fabrication of nanostructures. We presently hold the world record for the direct-writing of small structures using a focused electron beam.

Our research group CPO, directed by professor Pieter Kruit, belongs to the Department of Imaging Physics of the Faculty of Applied Sciences.


BEP/MEP Info Market VvTP

17 February 2017

Today we were present during the BEP/MEP info lunch which was organized by the VvTP in the Aula.Lees verder


Work in progress: Realisation of the VLLAIR Lab

16 February 2017

The building activities for our new VLLAIR lab (D1-Wing ground floor) are more or less completed. Gradually the equipment and furniture are moved in. Please find below a “sneak preview” of the lab. Lees verder


Joost de Jong started his MSc project

13 February 2017

Joost will work together with Robert Moerland on Polarization STED at cryogenic temperatures Lees verder


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